During the turmoil of uncertainty that the last two years brought, we felt drawn to revisit a number of old blues influenced spirituals. We wanted to find songs that convey a powerful mixture of trial, agony and hope.

We knew we couldn’t relate our lives to the unimaginable era of black slavery, but these songs have withstood time and crossed cultures to remain as a gift for us, to draw courage in the turmoil of modern times. The narrative is hope in the face of overwhelming trial – and that’s what deeply resonated with the three of us.

We have wanted to honour the originals, but naturally bring our own interpretation to them. As we launched into the project, we were hooked and what developed was a gutsy electric blues sound that comes from the heart.

We hope you enjoy it – and value your support.

Matt, Terl and Weeksie

The Grace Machine are:

Vocals/guitars/production and cups of tea
Drums/percussion & words of wisdom

Bass and assorted rumblings